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The Heliconia Society of Puerto Rico, Inc. was founded in 1996.  The objectives of the society are to stimulate and promote the enjoyment and understanding of Heliconia and related plants of the order Zingiberales through education, research and communication, and to interact with the Heliconia Society International (http://www.heliconia.org) and other institutions which share similar interests, purposes or objectives.

Heliconias are attractive tropical plants with banana-like leaves and beautiful, long lasting inflorescences composed of showy bracts which contain the true flowers.  They belong to the Heliconiaceae family, which has only one genus (Heliconia), and between 200 and 250 species. Heliconias belong to the Zingiberales order, and are one of the eight families in that order.  The other families are Cannaceae (cannas), Costaceae (costus), Lowiaceae (orchidantha), Marantaceae (prayer plants), Musacae (bananas), Strelitziaceae (birds of paradise), and Zingiberaceae (gingers).

HSPR meets four times per year, in March, June, September and December, at member's homes and farms.  Highlights of our meetings are conferences on different aspects of heliconias and other Zingiberales, and our plant raffle.  We also publish a quarterly newsletter, and welcome contributed articles, stories and photographs. 

Annual membership dues are $20 for families, $15 for individuals, and $10 for students.  Those wishing to become members of HSPR can pay their dues with Paypal to brbrunner@yahoo.com, or mail a check or money order to Heliconia Society of Puerto Rico, P.O. Box 3295, Carolina, Puerto Rico 00984-3295.  Members receive the HSPR Newsletter by regular mail.  The newsletter is also available online at http://www.heliconiasocietypr.org/newsletter.htm.  HSPR has proximately 100 members from throughout Puerto Rico, and in Florida, California, Spain, Virgin Islands, Panama and Singapore.  Our membership includes commercial growers, landscapers, scientists, florists, professional photographers, and dedicated hobbyists.

The HSPR website is found at http://www.heliconiasocietypr.org/index.html, and includes an extensive photo gallery of heliconias, as well as information on how to register new heliconia cultivars.  We welcome you to visit our website, and if you are ever in Puerto Rico, to come to a meeting and see some of our membersí heliconia collections!

Author: Bryan Brunner
Website: http://www.montosogardens.com 
Botanical garden and online nursery specializing in exotic tropical fruits, heliconias and gingers, palms, bromeliads and other rare tropicals.
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