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  This is a collection of articles covering different aspects of tropical plants, horticulture, gardening and natural healthcare.  Please check back, as we will be adding more photos and information.  Feel free to contact us with suggestions on topics for articles you would like to read. 

Avocado uses and recipes by food writer
Jennifer A. Wickes.

Banana uses and recipes by food writer Jennifer A. Wickes.

Bananas in Central Florida
An article by Eric Schmidt of Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, Florida, covering important information for selection and cultivation of bananas in a subtropical climate.

Bareroot Tree Planting and Care
How to successfully establish bareroot trees and shrubs purchased by mail order.

Butterfly Gardening
Author Jane Lake gives tips on how to attract butterflies to the garden for beauty and pollination.

Cranberries Can Reduce Your Risk of Cancer and Heart Disease
Bill Herren describes the heath benefits of cranberries.

Gingers are for Everyone!
How to grow gingers in the subtropical climate of central Florida.  By Helen BeVier and Eric Schmidt of Harry P. Leu Gardens, Orlando.

Grafting Made Easy
Charles Novak explains why and how to graft your own plants.

Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) and Weight Loss
An article which outlines the benefits of drinking green tea.

Heliconia Planting and Care
How to plant and care for heliconia rhizomes.  Also applies to gingers and other members of the Zingiberales order.

Heliconia Society of Puerto Rico
The #1 society for heliconias and other members of the Zingiberales order in Puerto Rico.  Website includes an extensive photo gallery and online newsletter.

Howard Lyman's "Mad Cowboy" Newsletter (December 2007)
Excellent resource for up to date information, articles, recipes and links for environmental, health, and vegetarian issues.  Howard is an ex-cattle rancher with a powerful message about health, diet, and the American food machine.

How to Attract Hummingbirds
Marilyn Pokorney describes ways to
bring these winged jewels into your garden.

Lemon uses and recipes by food writer
Jennifer A. Wickes.

Making Chocolate at Home
How to make a simple chocolate using common kitchen tools and appliances.

Propagation of Cacao Trees from Seed
How to open fresh cacao fruits, clean the seeds, and plant and care for the young trees.

Propagation of Tropical Fruit Trees from Seed
Germination and care tips for different types of tropical fruit tree seeds.

Vegetarian Does Not Have to be "All Or Nothing"
Tips for reducing meat consumption.




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