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    One of the primary missions of Montoso Gardens is the conservation of diverse tropical plant species.  The botanical collection currently has more than 600 accessions, representing species and cultivars of tropical fruits, nuts, spices and ornamentals. 

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 Black Pepper

(Piper nigrum)

   In addition to the botanical garden, there are hundreds of native species conserved both in wild areas of our farm and in the adjacent 5,000 acre Maricao State Forest.

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  White Ginger

(Alpinia purpurata 'Anne Hironaka')

    We have been adding plants to the gardens since 1987, when the first 10 acre farm was purchased.  The previous owner, horticulturist Dr. Frank Martin, had already initiated a botanical collection, and many of these original trees are still part of Montoso Gardens.

Click to enlarge Garcinia mangostana (mangosteen) fruits


(Garcinia mangostana)

    Montoso Gardens has grown substantially since 1987, and now comprises 90 acres (36 ha) of rugged and beautiful mountainous land stretching from the Prieto River valley to the top of Pico Montoso Mountain.  The Prieto River starts its existence at the foot of Pico Montoso, from the numerous springs of crystalline water which flow out of the rock year round. 

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   Durian Flowers

(Durio zibethinus)

    An extensive network of trails and country roads is available for hiking, photography, and observation of plants and wildlife.  We request a donation of $5 per person to help offset the cost of farm maintenance.  Children accompanied by adults are free.  Visits are strictly by appointment only.  Click here for driving directions.




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