Botanical Gardens 

    There are two public botanical gardens in Puerto Rico.  Both are free and offer self guided tours during regular working hours.

Tropical Agriculture Research Station (TARS)

TARS is located in Mayaguez, on the west coast of Puerto Rico, right next to the University of Puerto Rico.  Established in 1901, TARS has a nice collection of mature trees and palms, including many exotic fruits, spices and other plants with economic value.  There is also an excellent bamboo collection.  They claim to have over 2,000 species in the botanical collection, but not everything is labeled.  Definitely worth a visit.



University of Puerto Rico Botanical Garden

Established in 1971, the UPR Jardín Botánico is a 300 acre park like setting located in the heart of Río Piedras, near San Juan.  Winding, scenic roads and trails are available for walking, photography and plant observation.  There is a good palm collection, as well as many large specimens of different tropical tree species, but not much is labeled.  Worth a visit if you have the time.  




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