Strange and Bizarre Fruits and Nuts
(of the human kind)

 Friends and plant people from around the world...



Ken Love and Bryan Brunner with George Schattauer's giant Canarium sp. tree, Kona, Hawaii, 2002.


Oscar Jaitt and Dr. Chiranjit Parmar, Dharamsala, India, 2006.


Bryan Brunner and Jeff Chandler, Andromeda Gardens, Barbados, 2004.


David Brunner with heliconia display, Fiesta del Acabe del Café, Maricao, Puerto Rico, 2005.


Bryan Brunner, Sadhu and Ken Love, Govardhan Gardens, Puerto Rico, 2004.


Oscar Jaitt and Bryan Brunner, Montoso Gardens, 2003.


Ray Baker, Anders Lindstrom, Bruce Dunstan and Jan Hinze, Lyon Arboretum, Oahu, Hawaii, 2005.


Standing (from left), Carla Black, Jeff Chandler, Bryan Brunner, Suzi Carle, Sherry Ballester, Tim Chapman and Mark Collins.  Sitting (from left), Jim West and Alan Carle, Vivero Anones, Las Marías, Puerto Rico, 2004.


Juan A. Rivero and Bryan Brunner, at presentation of book "Arboles Frutales Exóticos y Poco Conocidos en Puerto Rico", San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2006.


Kelly Brooks, Susan Brooks, Judy Nelson and two faithful canines, Marín Alto Tropicals, Patillas, Puerto Rico.


From left, Chris Dierberger, Carla Black, Sergio Tejedor, Nancy Tejedor, Raymond Jerome and Migdalia Jerome, Río Grande, Puerto Rico, 2004.


Carlos Ernesto Velazco in jaboticaba heaven, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


From left, John Mood, Voon Boon Hoe, Brian Lievens, Frankie Sekiya, David Frenz and Ken Love ("The Hawaiian Mafia"), Kona, Hawaii.


From left, Warren Condon, Ken Love and Chris Hind, Mango Festival, Fairchild Tropical Garden, Miami, Florida, 2006.


Noel Ramos with giant sugar apple (Annona squamosa), Coral Springs, Florida, 2006.


Ariel Shai with his low bearing papaya, Moshav Beit Helkiya, Israel.


Moshe Weiss and Ariel Shai, Agricultural Conference, Tel Aviv, Israel.


Carla Black and Angel Rodríguez, visiting Puerto Rico from Panama.


Luc Vleeracker enjoying a durian in Honduras.


From left, Oscar Jaitt, Erica Lynne, Asit Ghosh, Maurice Kong, Warren Condon and Bryan Brunner, Mango Festival, Fairchild Tropical Garden, Miami, Florida, 2003.


Chris Rollins, Tropical Fruit Conference, Fruit & Spice Park, Homestead, Florida, 2005.


Bill Whitman (sitting) with visitors at his fruit orchard in Bal Harbour, Florida, 2005.


The famous Crafton Clift (Plant Guru) at the Redlands Festival, Homestead, Florida, 2007.


From left, John Criswick, Daniel Lewis and Bryan Brunner, St. Rose Nursery, St. George's, Grenada, 2007.


From left, Susan Crown, Alan Koenig, Ian Crown and Bryan Brunner, Montoso Gardens, Puerto Rico, 2007.


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