Fresh Tropical Fruits 

      We can ship a limited number of fresh tropical fruits in season, including avocado, banana, plantain, breadfruit, jackfruit, cocoa, citrus, cassabanana, mangosteen, pineapple, quenepa, coconut, calabash, and cannonball fruit (shipping information).  Please contact us about availability before ordering.  Click on the pictures for more photos and information.


Click to view more info and pics of Theobroma cacao (cocoa) fruit

Cacao Fruit (Theobroma cacao)

Fresh cacao or cocoa fruits are available nearly year round.  Different varieties are available, including a small yellow, medium red, large rounded orange red, and long ribbed yellow type.  Each fruit has 20-50 viable seeds.  Pulp surrounding the seeds is delicious and edible.  The seeds can be planted or roasted and ground to make homemade chocolate.

Small Yellow Forastero Cacao Fruit (contains up to 50 seeds)  $10.99
Medium Red Trinitario Cacao Fruit (contains up to 35 seeds)  $10.99
Large Rounded Orange Red Trinitario Cacao Fruit (contains up to 40 seeds)  $14.99
Long Ribbed Yellow Trinitario Cacao Fruit (contains up to 20 seeds)  $14.99
New!!! 10 assorted fresh cacao fruits, mixed varieties (whatever is in season)  $75.00


Brazilian cacao or cupuassu (Theobroma grandiflorum)

Brazilian Cacao Fruit (Theobroma grandiflorum)

Brazilian cacao, or cupuassu, is a large relative of the common cacao.  The pulp is sour and very aromatic, and is used to make a juice which is similar to soursop juice.  Each fruit has 20-30 viable seeds.  The pulp needs to be cut from the seeds with sharp scissors.  The seeds can be planted or roasted and ground to make homemade "chocolate", called cupulate in Brazil.  Please note that these fruits fall from the tree when ripe, so customers will be on a waiting list for available fruits, which will be shipped when ready.

Brazilian Cacao Fruit (contains 20-30 seeds)  $16.99
(waiting list only, fruits should be available in late fall/early winter)


  Happy Montoso Gardens Customer!!!

Happy Montoso Gardens customer!!!

Happy Montoso Gardens Customers!!!




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