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    The tropics are home to a tremendous botanical diversity, including a fascinating variety of exotic and wonderful fruits, nuts and spices.  

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'Brewster' Lychee

(Litchi chinensis)

    At Montoso Gardens, we are continually searching for new species and improved cultivars to add to the collection.  At present, our farm has over 258 accessions of fruits, nuts and spices representing 44 botanical families.  

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Pili Nut

(Canarium ovatum)

    Visitors to Montoso Gardens can observe, photograph and sample fresh ripe fruits in season.  

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(Cinnamomum zeylanicum)

    Fresh seeds, cuttings, quality plants and certain fruits are available in season at our Online Store.  To see our fruit, nut and spice list, please click here

   Check out some pics of human "fruits and nuts" (friends and other plant people).




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